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Most of the Bible notes on this page are teaching notes I use to teach the Sunday School class at the Wesleyan Bible Church of Lakewood. Please feel free to comment on your own thoughts on the topic.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Divine Nourishment

Mark 8:1-9, 14-21

To sustain the body to be healthy and strong, it is imperative that one takes time to nourish themselves with food and water. These basic necessities of life are essential for survival and must not be neglected if we are to grow and live healthy lives. God made humanity with a body and a soul. The till of the ground has provided man with food to sustain the body. But man cannot survive with bread alone. He must also nourish the soul. Jesus, who is the bread of life and true source of divine nourishment, had sent out the invitation to come and dine. This divine food from heaven is the source of our spiritual substance and is essential to our spiritual growth and eternal survival. Jesus said, “He that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled” We often crave and long for certain foods, but how often do we crave for the bread of Life and divine nourishment for heaven?

Calling of the disciples vs.1
• Minister to those in need
• Obligation to feed those who are in need
Compassionate Christ vs. 2-3
• The Love of Jesus how measureless
• Looking through the eyes of Christ
Complications arise vs. 4
• Obstacles that we will face
• Humanly this is not possible, but with God
Charge of the Savior vs. 6, 15
• He is the answer to all are needs
• Trust and obey- “Whatsoever He saith, do it”
Control of the circumstance vs. 5-7
• We must let go and let Him be in control
• He still desires to use us as vessels for His glory
Contamination of truth vs.15
• Beware of those who are able to twist the truth
• Just because it looks delicious, does not mean it will satisfy
Consider and Call to mind the miracles vs. 17-21
• How quickly we forget what God has done
• Understanding the spiritual world
• He desires that we have a present and active faith
• The Holy Spirit will lead us to remember

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